It all starts with the right lock

For Releezme each cabinet or locker is equipped with an electronic lock by VECOS. The lock is safely connected to management software. The lock is equipped with anti-theft protection, LED lighting and recharging facilities for USB appliances. The lock comes in different versions.

The smart lock truly delivers: it’s simple to use and robust to guarantee longevity. It’s no coincidence that there are already 150.000 VECOS locks in use.

Wireless access

Every type of required use is possible

Activity Based Working changes needs regarding storing items which requires a system that caters to these needs.

Releezme offers the possibility to work with fixed, flexible and team lockers. These options can be varied and combined to offer employees either the stability or the flexibility they need for storing their belongings.

To be able to offer storage space at all times algorithms were developed to prevent inappropriate use of storage space. You decide what defines inappropriate use and Releezme does the rest.

Innovation within reach

The office building of today and tomorrow is more than just a place where employees can convene. It’s clear that the available office facilities have become part of the list of criteria what makes a business attractive to work for and contribute considerably to employee satisfaction.

Innovative concepts like Smart Buildings provide a more manageable office and offer employees useful applications. The data from Releezme can be used (anonymously) as a data source, by integrating these data with business intelligence applications; the employee routing and the usage of storage space can be optimized even further.

Safe in the cloud

Releezme is available as Software As A Service (SaaS), meaning less IT management. Data safety is the focus point in the architecture of Releezme, all data and communications are encrypted. Releezme is being subjected to ethical hacking frequently, a reassuring thought.

We naturally work in accordance with privacy laws. You own and will continue to own your own data. Data will not be sold to third parties and usage analyses to further improve the system are conducted with anonymized data only.